A letter of support to Greater Manchester’s hospitality and leisure industry

27th June 2020

Over the last few years, millions of outsiders have become moths to the flame of Greater Manchester's hospitality industry. From our trendsetting restaurants, to our genuinely edgy bars under the operation of some of the country's best drinks maestros.

Our thriving food, drinks and leisure scene is – yes, we're biased – the best the UK has to offer and you have worked f*cking hard to put it firmly on the map.

So when doors slammed shut and boards went up in March of this year, it felt like the beating heart of our city had been ripped out, and its soul stamped on. Dramatic? No – the last three months have been devastating. Not only were our favourite local haunts and cultural gems closed for business, left to collect dust and become homing beacons for vandals and burglars, but the majority of our city's hospitality and leisure professionals were out of work and their futures uncertain.

Of course, this couldn't be helped. A virus was sweeping the planet quicker than anyone could say "Pedro's for a slice?" and the British government was scrambling – making rash decision after rash decision. But... it is what it is, and I'm not here to document what you already know.

On July 4, 2020, all of the above will just become a bad memory. Restaurants, pubs, and bars will finally throw open, or prepare to throw open, their doors to punters again – and Greater Manchester's cultural attractions such as museums and galleries will be back in business. As a result, the city centres and towns that make up the region will reawaken, and normality will be within reach for millions of people who have been locked down for months.

During this period, we want all of Greater Manchester's hospitality, retail and leisure businesses, venues, and their staff to be #BuzzingToBeBack. But we are acutely aware that reopening will not be easy for some – and that's why we want to help.

How can we help, exactly?

If you haven't guessed, #BuzzingToBeBack is a campaign we're launching in order to help these aforementioned businesses and venues get back on their feet, safely and soundly, by opening up our platform to them in every possible way.

Over the years we have amassed close to 1 million followers across The Manc Group's network – from our Facebook page, its several community groups, our Instagram accounts and our Twitter. We reach 30-40 million people every month on social media, and if we can't use all of this to help the businesses, and the people, that give us the passion to do what we do every day , then what's the f*cking point in any of it?

So here's the lowdown, in some nice easy steps.

1. Tap into our Facebook community

Our Facebook community groups EAT DRINK MANC and What's Happening in Manchester now have an open door policy. Individually, they are the biggest food & drink and 'what's on' groups for Manchester on Facebook and are constantly growing.

In the week leading up to July 4, and the weeks following, we want you to use these group to communicate with their thousands of members. Tell them about your reopening procedures, the safety measures punters must follow, tell them your new opening times and SHOW them what's on the menu, or what's happening event-wise, in the coming weeks and months.

The audience that make up these groups are passionate Northerners, or people from just beyond the borders, who love to frequent the city for its top scran and unparalleled attractions – and they are all looking for that next hidden gem. We want you to take advantage of that. Join both groups below (preferably as your company's Facebook page) and start getting your messaging out there...

👉 Join EAT DRINK MANC here.

👉 Join What's Happening in Manchester here.

2. Use our hashtag #BuzzingToBeBack

We want you to take advantage of our hashtag while simultaneously telling your audience, and ours, that you are Buzzing To Be Back!

If you use the above hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, we will be monitoring it closely throughout July and ensuring that we amplify your content as much as possible. Just remember to include as much information as you can in your posts, such as opening times, safety procedures, general announcements, and/or what's on the menu at your restaurant.

We'll retweet you on our Twitter and republish your content on our Instagram accounts. But we don't JUST want to amplify your content to increase foot flow to your business, we also want to drive growth to your socials so that in the future, you have more people to share your news with.

3. Chat to us directly

We have just created a brand new email address so you can speak with us directly.

Are you worried about reopening? Do you need help with your company's social media strategy? Do you simply need help understanding how to take full advantage of our #BuzzingToBeBack campaign? Fling us an email, and we'll get back to you on buzzing@themanc.com.

From free social media consultancy, instructions on how to join and take advantage of our groups, or just some words of support as you prep for the big day and the weeks that will follow – we are here for you, and won't leave you hanging.

The Manc Group hasn't traversed the coronavirus pandemic unscathed, but we can't imagine the hard work that has gone into keeping your businesses afloat during a time in which foot flow has been rendered almost completely extinct.

The resilience and determination of Greater Manchester's hospitality and leisure professionals to diversify, and remain operational in some capacity, during a global pandemic has inspired us a great deal – and it would be a crime if we didn't help you get over the finish line.

We are buzzing that you're back, but we must remain safe and sensible as we head into unknown territory. Please, get in touch if you need anything.

– The Manc Group

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