Don’t look back in anger: An update from The Manc Group

24th June 2020

It's been an unprecedented three months for the country since Boris Johnson locked us down and told us that we can no longer do everything that we love doing.

Grabbing a slice and a can of Red Stripe at Pedro's before falling down the stairs at NQ64 feels like a lifetime ago – but there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday, Boris told England that on July 4th, next week, our pubs, restaurants, cafes, museums, cinemas and galleries can reopen. He told us that we can see different groups of people in private settings whenever we want. He told us that we can stand a singular metre closer to our friends than ever before. He said that schools will fully reopen in September and that people can get married with a maximum of 30 people present.

And while plenty of people are skeptical about going back out into society for a non-essential reason, brushing shoulders with strangers, the new loosening of lockdown means that thousands of hospitality employees in Greater Manchester can finally go back to work in our city's much-loved bars and restaurants.

Pushing through the tough times

With that said, the last three months have not been easy for any business in the region, large or small – but it's been a breath of fresh air to see so many of you pushing through this tough period and successfully fighting to stay afloat.

From innovative food deliveries, great digital marketing campaigns, and unbelievably selfless charity efforts, the startups and small businesses that make up the fibre of Greater Manchester are some of the most passionate and resilient groups of professionals the country has to offer, and our team at The Manc Group can't wait to work with you again when the time is right.

The Manc Group won't come out of the coronavirus pandemic unscathed, either. We've had to adapt month-by-month since Boris Johnson announced lockdown measures all those months ago on March 23. We've switched up our strategy countless times and, with a half full tank of petrol, have attempted to keep our social engines revving and our audience engaged as much as possible.

Keepin' it movin'

Unbelievably, our platform has grown exponentially during Q2 of 2020. An unprecedented quarter that has been 100% pandemic-ridden throughout. There has never quite been a three-month period like this that our generation can remember, but as a publisher with a committed and loyal audience, we did our best to thrive and keep it movin'.

The results speak for themselves...

From January until today (June 24, 2020) our little platform is ranked 9th in a list of UK News & Media heavyweights.

In the leaderboard, curated by Facebook's official social monitoring platform CrowdTangle, we outrank ITV News and have more social growth in one 6-month period than the Metro, Daily Mirror and The Sun. In those months since January we've generated 123-million video views and over 9 million direct Facebook interactions – while our audience remains dwarfed in size by every established publisher around us.

We didn't ask for this, but our dedication to publishing content and keeping our audience engaged has kept us going through what has been the toughest experience of our professional lives – and we can't thank you enough for sticking by us. We are the most engaged, viewed and fastest growing local social publisher in the UK for a reason, and that reason is our audience!

Work with us

So it's time for us to give back. In just ten days, our city's bars, restaurants, cafes, and other popular venues will be reopening their doors with their fingers crossed – and we want to help.

From social media consultancy, to content creation and strategy; from video production and brand amplification to traditional advertising. There is a lot we can do for your business, through many different mediums – and we pride ourselves in our ability to amplify a message to an unparalleled amount of people with ease.

So as we get closer to that light at the end of the tunnel, come and chat to us and let us know what you need. We just might be able to provide that extra bit of spark you're looking for when reopening in an unexplored, post-pandemic world.

You can download our 2020 Media Pack here – or email Anna at



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